The expansion of renewable and sustainably produced energy is an important branch of industry. This development is driven by the efficient use of energy sources such as wind and water. Our expertise in 3D forming of all types of metal plates and profiles, combined with our knowledge of hydrodynamics and aerodynamics helps our customers to implement their projects. Together with you, we will work on the development of innovative technical solutions. Our recently delivered projects with well-known customers are the living proof of this.


With our roots in shipbuilding, our professionals have gained decades of experience in hydrodynamics. We apply this knowledge to the renewable and sustainable energy area. We are specialised in the manufacturing of complex 3D formed steel components for generating hydropower and wind power, such as turbines and housings. In the solar power area, CIG has developed a solar powered boat for passenger transport, just equipped with solar panels and an electric motor, without any diesel motor on board.



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