Hydropower is a source of energy that has been undervalued to date. However, many – initially experimental – projects of our partners have by now been successfully completed, and the demand for industrialisation is growing. Together with our partners we offer our expertise in the area of 3D formed metal components and hydrodynamics to customers in the renewable energy industry. Jointly with our customers, we are currently developing components for wave and tidal power plants in the North Sea. 


With over 40 years of experience in 3D metal forming for the shipbuilding sector and our specific expertise in welding according to the highest industry quality standards, CIG manufactures metal parts for hydropower plants with the highest possible precision, This includes turbines, housings for the supporting structures and other free form metal components. In partnership with engineers, business developers and supply chain specialists we develop components, yielding the best possible flow characteristics in order to deliver the maximum hydropower efficiency.



In 2010 Ostseestaal manufactured two S-pipes, each weighing 130 t, for the hydropower plant in Bremen. The component part changes from right-angled at the inlet side to circular at the outlet side.
Both pipes taper to 4.5 m, which causes a Venturi effect.




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