There is more to having a solar boat operating as efficiently as possible than the sole generation of solar energy. Hence the boat has to utilise the generated energy as efficiently as possible: a matter of hydrodynamics. Ostseestaal and Formstaal have developed a hydrodynamically optimised solar boat, which sails entirely emission-free.


The totally emission-free motor gives passengers a sense of gliding over water. It is noiseless as it relies entirely on the solar-powered electrical motor. This also makes the solar boat suitable for cruises in nature reserves. Our solar boats have been designed with a close view to their future operational area, taking into account the height of bridges, water depth and the width of waterways. The expert knowledge we have gained with cruise ships is extremely valuable for these projects, too.


Solar-powered boats can be driven totally by the power of the sun due to its efficient, hydrodynamic design. Our solar-powered boats use less energy than other (semi) solar-powered boats and therefore have no diesel motor on board. Modern passenger ship travel: economic and environmentally friendly.



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