Our Partner Formstaal is qualified and authorised for the manufacture of top quality, low warpage welding constructions, in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • DIN 18800-7 : 2008-07  Manufacture qualification for the welding of steel structures in Class E
  • DIN V 4113-3 : 2003-11  Manufacture qualification for the welding of aluminium structures in Class C
  • DIN 2303 : 2007-02  Manufacture qualification for the welding of defence technology products in Class Q1/Q2 and Component Class BK2
  • GL Rules Authorisation of the welding of structures for the shipbuilding industry in accordance with the guidelines of the German Lloyds


The structures are made from a wide range of materials:

  • Structural/shipbuilding steel 1,0045 (S355JR), 1,0584 (E36)
  • Fine grained structural steel  1,8903 (S460NL), 1,8928 (S690QL)
  • CrNi alloys 1,4301 (X5CrNi18-10), 1,4571 (X6CrNiMoTi17-12-2)
  • FeNi alloys 1,3912 (Ni36 – Invar)
  • Aluminium 3,3547 (AlMg4.5Mn0.7)


The following welding techniques are used in the process:

  • Metal protection gas welding (MSG) in the variations MAG – Metal active gas welding (135 & 136) inert gas welding (131)
  • WIG – Wolfram inert gas welding (141)
  • UP – Submerged welding (12)
  • Stud welding with drawn arc (783)


In addition to manufacturing, Formstaal as an active member in DVS BV Western Pomerania, especially values its employee training. In line with welder and operator training, and with the daily challenges in welding techniques, the company works closely together with accredited training centres such as, for example, the welding techniques educational and research centre, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. 


With trained welders and operators in the areas

  • Part-mechanised TIG welding (141) of Ni36 (1,3912)
  • MAG welding (135) of fine grained structural steel S690NL (1,8903) and a magnetic CrNi steel (1,3964)
  • Stud welding with drawn arc (783) on structural steel, CrNi steel and aluminium
  • Formstaal covers a wide portfolio of welding tasks and has become a competent partner for customers from the aerospace industry, architecture and shipbuilding.